How Twitter Has Changed My Prayer Life

I don’t know about you, but prayer is a struggle for me.  I read about great people of faith and how they prayed for hours on end.  I struggle with keeping a coherent thought after 5 minutes.  I become jittery, and often feel foolish.  I wonder if there is any point to try anymore.

I am reading a great book by Paul Miller called, “A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World” it is fantastic!  I highly recommend it for anyone that feels the same when it comes to prayer.  In it Paul talks about that its not about trying to pray the longest or use the fanciest words, but learning to depend on God not myself.  That true prayer comes when it becomes part of our natural lives, not a task for our morning devotions.

Of all things, Twitter has helped me with this.

I use Twitter to converse with friends and read articles that Pastors and organizations that I respect post.  I began to notice one friend would “retweet” breaking news that she found interesting (Heather, I am talking about you).  I decided that I too want to be cool and be up to date on Breaking News.  I began to follow and read the headlines as they came in.

I then began to feel sad.  All the news was about problems in the world, people killing, bombs going off, planes crashing and natural disasters.  It really started to disturb me that the news was so negative.  I even thought to “unfollow” to save myself the pain.  But something started to change.  I had this thought that I could start praying for these people and situations.  To take 30 seconds and ask the Lord to intervene.  I have been and it has changed how I depend on God.

For these people that I pray for, that is all I can do, pray.  I don’t know them and they don’t know me, but God knows them, and knows what is best for them in that situation, so I call on Him in desperation to help.  It has transfered off the Twitter notices.  When I am talking with someone and I sense that I am getting defensive or angry, I start to pray in my head.  I never did that before.  When I drive and think of a friend or situation, I start to pray.  When someone says something critical about me, instead of taking it personally, I pray that God will show me where the truth is and change me.  These things didnt happen before.  None of these prayers are 15 minute prayers or even 5 minute prayers.  Just 30 seconds.

God is taking me to a place of depending on Him in all situations, because I can’t do it.  He can.  And to be honest, I trust Him to handle it better than me.


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